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Our Precious Guests,

Welcome to Day One Beach Resort & Spa.

We are happy to see you among us at Day One Wellness-Spa.

The origin of spa comes from Latin and means “SANUS PER AQUA” meaning “health from water”.

At Day One Wellness-Spa, it makes us happy to offer our guests many types of massage therapy, Classical Turkish Bath rituals, skin care services accompanied by the world’s most respected and unique care products.

Spa Rules and Policy

In order for our guests to have a pleasant and peaceful time, it is forbidden to speak loudly and make cell phone calls in the indoor areas of Day One Spa.

We kindly ask you to make your calls with your mobile phones in the rest area which is available at the beach exit of our Day One Spa center.

At Day One Wellness-Spa, we are able to host guests aged 18 and over due to the wellness and spa concept.

Sauna and steam bath temperatures in Day One Spa vary between 40˚C and 100˚C. We do not recommend the use of sauna and steam baths for high blood pressure patients, those with cardiovascular disease and our pregnant guests. In case of use, the responsibility lies with them.

In accordance with our hygiene rules, before entering the indoor pool in the Day One Spa;

We kindly ask you to take a shower and use a swimming cap when entering the pools.

Also, jumping into the pool is dangerous and forbidden.


What if I want to cancel my therapy?

If you want to cancel or change your appointment, please call at least 4 hours before your appointment. If the package or special group care is cancelled, you must inform at least 24 hours before the appointment time. Otherwise, the 20% prepayment received for your service will not be refunded.

How long before the appointment time should I arrive?

We recommend that you arrive at Day One Spa 15 minutes before the start of the therapy. Thus, you will have the opportunity to take a shower before the treatment and this shower will relax you and prepare you for the therapy.

What happens if I arrive late for an appointment?

Since being late will also affect the timing of the next massage appointment, your massage will end at the predetermined end time and the care time will be shortened. Time reductions due to your delay will not have any effect on the cost of the care.

What kind of clothes should I choose when going to the SPA?

Oils that are heavy enough to get on clothes are not used in Day One Spa, and since our massage oils do not contain paraffin, they are immediately absorbed on the skin and do not leave any stains or marks. However, as a precaution, we recommend that our guests do not wear dark clothes and silk clothes.

What should I take with me for the spa?

You do not need to bring any personal items with you when you come to the spa, because the towels, loincloths, slippers you will need, shampoo in the showers, and moisturizing body lotion if you want to use it after the shower are available at Day One Spa.

What should I wear during my massage and treatment?

Our guests can get their massages with their bikinis or shorts, or they can use the disposable slips provided by Day One Spa.

Can I have valuables with me?

You can keep your valuables in the lockers in the locker rooms.

How should I inform the massage therapist about the problem areas?

Before starting your therapy, the guest is questioned whether there is a health problem in his body and you are asked to fill out a health consent regarding this. If there is a problem, massage is not applied to the relevant area. In addition, if the guest has had an operation, massage cannot be applied for at least 6 months. It is important for our guests to share all kinds of health-related situations in order to avoid any wrong action.

Can I eat before coming to the SPA? Can I have alcohol?

We recommend not to eat for 1-1.5 hours before coming to the spa. We would like to remind you that we have strict rules regarding alcohol. We recommend that you stop using alcohol 3 hours before using the spa, and do not use the spa area and services under the influence of heavy alcohol.

Can I buy products used in massages and treatments?

You can bring the pleasure of SPA to your home by purchasing the natural oils and care products used in massages from the Day One Spa Shop located in the Spa area.

Your requests about therapists,

We have male and female therapists. Your therapist’s name will be written on the reservation form. If you want to choose a therapist specifically, please inform 24 hours in advance.

Important Notes

After hot applications, we recommend that you drink water to balance the lost body fluid.

We recommend that you rest for 10-15 minutes after each hot application.

For emergencies that may occur in steam baths and saunas, you can press the emergency buttons on the side of the door.


We will be happy to welcome you.

We wish you pleasant moments.


Opening – Closing Hours (Every Day):

09:00-18:00 Wet Areas and Rest Rooms

09:00-19:00 Massages and Treatments

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